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A Website That Helps People’s Health

As of recently, there has been a resurgence in America with working out and being healthy. For one of those reasons, a lot of people are starting to work out or get serious about their health because let’s face it, you aren’t going to live forever. However if you are able to to stay healthy, then you’ll be able to live a lot longer.

One of the things that is causing the most deaths in America is tobacco. To solve this, Phat-Nav vaporizers have hit the scene to be able to bring a healthier way to smoking. Since there are more tobacco related deaths than drug deaths, murders, and suicides combined, that means there is something that needs to be done. You can learn more about the FrEe trial HERE. Thankfully the group over at PhatNav is making it their goal to help combat this issue.

How are they Helping?

As of right now Justin’s site is running a campaign to help people find out about the alternatives to tobacco. It is their goal is to spread the word about this alternative. More importantly, they hold demonstrations of the top reviewed vaporizers that people are using and then show the effects that they are having on these people.

For example, they set up a booth near the beach so they can show this demonstration.

Is It Working?

Yes! They say that for every 10 people they tell, 1 person makes the change to vaporizing. This is huge because they are saving an average of 10,000 lives a year thanks to getting people to switch to the vaporizers. There are some info on

We’re definitely looking forward to following this group!

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Popular Anxiety Project Aimed to Help Lots of People

Since we’re always blogging about popular projects going on in America, I was forwarded a new project that is going on from Anxiety Goodbye. The founder of anxiety goodbye, Juan, told me a lot of good things that they are doing. I’d like to share them with you in this post. And what the aim of their project is.

zanaprin for anxiety?

What They are About

AG is all about bringing a better life to people who have anxiety. They are a group of people with anxiety themselves trying to do outreach on the Internet to spread the word. They take a great approach in that they connect with people who are looking for how to help their anxiety across the web. This is great considering there needs to be more groups that promote healthy happenings. In fact, that’s why I decided to share about them.

How They Are Helping

Their website is jam packed with good articles about how you can help your anxiety. Furthermore, there are a lot of different approaches that they talk about that are helping some of the people who are suffering from anxiety. Some of their articles include what over the counter anxiety pills work well, as well as a new substitute for Xanax called Zanaprin.

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Counselors Aiding Americans In a Public Project from Tulsa

One of the most recent public projects in America is how a group of counselors from Tulsa, Oklahoma is helping a bunch of people in the area for completely free.

As you know, we always blog about the top projects that are ongoing. This one was forwarded to us from a few different people in Tulsa because it is making such a big impact! This impact is too big to ignore, so let’s get into a little more information about it.

What’s Happening

As of early 2013, a bunch of the counselors in the local community realized that there were people who were not getting enough attention and help with counseling because they couldn’t afford it. These counselors believed¬† that it wasn’t right that these people were not able to get counseling, so they decided to open up their doors and give the free counseling!

The Official Response

People are so overjoyed that they are able to receive counseling from the therapists. These Tulsa therapists are helping with marriages & couples and making a huge difference. Over 100 people have reported that they are incredibly happy with their free services.

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The Ultimate Group SEO Project..Taking The World By Storm

I just recently read on that there is this new seo project that the world is partaking in. I waned to release this blog immediately to get some exposure to the product. It’s a really cool project and you have a chance to make money with it..

How unique monies by joining the project didn’t contribute to it. How many hours did you contributing tasks that you contribute and then in the end if the website makes any money everyone ends of splitting the money. It is a rather interesting concept.

Wanted think that the person says it’s going make a success holes of a large amount of people joint. If a large amount people join really start scaling it to make it 1 million Dollar website and those people could actually become really rich off of it. People will be able to work with her on schedule and they wouldn’t have to drive to work every single day. They could work from the comfort of their home and do whatever they want. This is what is the draw to join.


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